Earl Green and The Right Time release live CD

The New Earl Green & The Right Time Album is now available.

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_“Les Back and Ron Warshow swapped stinging guitar solos throughout over the
rock-solid foundation supplied by Emil Engström on bass and Daniel Strittmatter
on drums. Mike Paice on harp and sax, was absolutely on fire, particularly with
several extended sax solos, which drew warm applause from this discerning and
enthusiastic crowd. Earl’s soulful vocals, though, set this band apart from
their peers…Consummate musicians as they are, what really defines this outfit
is their choice of material. They plunder the vaults of the blues-greats but
ignore oft-repeated, festival-worn classics preferring to shine a new light on
half-forgotten masterpieces…It was all over far too soon for the band and the
audience, but it was time for this sleepy little village to go to bed and dream
of the live CD to come!”_ _Keith Lee, Blues in Britain, April 2011 (live
review of the show captured for posterity on the Live at Bronte Blues Club CD!)_

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_Live at Bronte Blues Club_

is the long-awaited first official release for a band that has been exciting
crowds and garnering enthusiastic reviews on the blues circuit for years.
The album captures the atmosphere of an Earl Green and The Right Time show
superbly and is the perfect answer to the countless post-gig requests for a
CD that the band has received._

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